30 July 2012

Dresden Murder - Part 1

Alfred Farrell Arrested At Dennison Hotel Where He Had Used False Name

Bloody Shirt and Trousers Found in Man's Bedroom

A former convict, 43-year-old Alfred Farrell, was questioned today in connection with the brutal murder of his mother, Mrs. Nellie Farrell, 73, whose bruised and battered body was found last night at her home in Dresden.

Farrell was arrested shortly before midnight at a Dennison hotel where he had registered falsely under the name of "Brice Buell of Zanesville."

Confronted by a blood-stained shirt and trousers, found in his room at Dresden, Farrell admitted they were his but professed to be unable to explain the bloodstains.

He told Marshal James Lacy of Dresden and Sheriff Harry Bealmear that he was drunk yesterday and did not remember where he was or what he did.