22 February 2012

History of Dresden Presbyterian Church (1819-1919)

As written by Mrs. T.M. (Mary Louise Cresap) Stevenson


"Hitherto that the Lord helped us."- 1 Samuel 7, 12

Ohio became a State, November 24, 1802. So when the Presbyterian Church was organized, the State was only "sweet sixteen" and one month old. The town of Dresden was laid out by Major Jonathan Cass, a Revolutionary officer, who brought his family here, in 1801, and soon after laid out the town, which therefore, is as old as the State. Looking backward, as we should, what of our Nation is that year of our organization-1819? Our Fifth President was James Monroe, of Virginia, from 1819 to 1825. Today he is probably the most talked about of any of our former Presidents.

President Monroe and his Notable State Papers

The "Monroe Doctrine" is a Shibboleth to arouse every patriotic citizen, men and women, to enthusiasm. Our newspapers, religious and secular, or Senators and Congressmen, everybody, official and unofficial, are all discussing the Monroe Doctrine, as they believe it to be, for or against, the "League of Nations."

Nothing has so crystalized and immortalized patriotism in our land, for 1819 to 1919, as the famous Monroe Doctrine. "Friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." and the American continents by the free independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European Power. France and Germany tried by sending Maximilian to Mexico; poor Maximilian and poor Carlota.

How the past and the present are linked together! 1819-1919! President Wilson has been touring the country showing what he believes to be the harmony between the Monroe Doctrine and the League of Nations."

In 1819, when the Dresden Presbyterian Church was organized, over in England, George III, the Pharoah, who oppressed our forefathers and called our Revolutinary War "A Presbyterian Rebellion" (perhaps with astuteness as Presbyterians always stood for liberty), was still living. (He died in 1820)

The times of 1819 were similar to those of 1919. an upheaval of the nations was just settling down. France and the "Man of Destiny" had been at war with England, Prussia, Germany and Russia. Bonaparte had been shorn of his power, like Germany today, and banished to St. Helens, as the Kaiser is an exile in foreign land; and on the lonely island in 1819 Bonaparte was then living, grieving, and the world was the, as it is today, drawing long breaths of peace and liberty, after this World War.