16 December 2011

Lewis Cass

English: Lewis Cass ( October 9, 1782 – ...

Lewis Cass was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, on the 9th day of October, 1782. His father, Major Jonathan Cass, was a soldier of the revolution, who enlisted as a private the day after the battle of Lexington. He served in the army till the close of the war, and was in all the important battles in the Eastern and Middle States, where he was distinguished for his valor and good conduct, and attained the rank of captain. He was afterwards a major in Wayne's army, and, after a life of usefulness and honor, died at an advanced age, at his residence near Dresden, in Muskingum county, Ohio. His son, Lewis Cass, the subject of this biography, emigrated, at the age of seventeen, to the then North-western Territory, and settled first at Marietta, in the county of Washington. He was thus, as he was recently called by the Convention of Ohio, one of the "early pioneers " of that immense western region, which has already risen to such a magnitude in our i own days, and is destined to attain one so much greater hereafter. The country north of the Ohio then contained one territory and about 20,000 people.

05 December 2011

Rev. Thomas H. D, Bell

Brother Bell was born March 7, 1836, in Coshocton, Ohio. He died March 81, 1878, of inflammation of the brain at Wilmot, Stark county, Ohio, aged forty-two years and twenty-four days.

He was blessed with devoted parents, who early and faithfully taught him "the principles of the doctrine of Christ." He became a willing student in "the school of Christ" very early in life. He was converted when fourteen years of age under tbe labors of Rev. A. 8. Moffltt. The clearness and satisfactory character of his conversion he attributed, under Divine trace, to the careful training of his Christian mother. He was known as a young man of studious habits, with a high sense of religious and moral obligation. When he united with the church he became a faithful working member, strictly attending to all his duties. At the age of fifteen he entered the West Bedford Academy. After a close attention to study for two years he commenced the work of teaching, in which he was successful and popular. Eleven years of his life were devoted to this noble work; meanwhile he gave attention to reading and study, enlarging his knowledge of the sciences and of general literature. While engaged in the work of teaching he did not forget the work of his Master, to which he felt a special call. In some instances nearly his whole school were converted through his earnest and prayerful efforts. The church of his early choice, seeing his "gifts, graces and usefulness," urged upon him the work of the Christian ministry.

03 December 2011

Ancestry's WW2 Collection

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor Ancestry.com is opening up their entire collection of World War 2 data to the public for free access from 2 December to 7 December. Check it out here.