04 October 2011

The Late George W. Cass

Of Mr. George W. Cass, Sr., brother of Gen. Lewis Cass, who died in Dresden, Ohio, on Wednesday, at the age of eighty-seven years and six months, the Pittsburg Gazette thus speaks:  "The deceased was a man of great intellect and sound reasoning powers, and had he taken a public life would have become a man of marked distinction.  Singularly unobtrusive, however, he always preferred a quiet life, void of all ostentatious display.  Although never taking a prominent part in politics, he had been a Whig, and was strong in the faith of the Republican Party, but his ambition never spurred him on to political preferment, and in this respect he was content to keep aloof from an active participation in the struggles and results of political parties.  Mr. Cass moved westward with his father's family, Mr. Jonathan Cass, from New Hampshire, in 1776.  After his father purchased the military section on the Muskingum River, he moved his family to the then new home in 1801.  It is here Mr. Cass has spent a long quiet, and happy life.  By the affection and power of love his children had for him they all hastened to gather around his deathbed.  They consisted of his oldest son, Gen. Geo. W. Cass, of Pittsburg, his daughter, Augusta, and sons Dr. Abner and Dr. Edward.  Gen. Garfield, after calling upon the deceased, wrote the following:  'I called on the venerable Geo. W. Cass to-day, whose character, marked ability, and wonderful memory made an hour spent in  his company long to be remembered.  His relatives have the sympathies of all in their great affliction, and his name will be held in kindly remembrance by all who were fortunate enough to have formed his acquaintance.'"

From: The New York Times, 9 August 1873

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